The No.1 thing you should do when impacted by Uncertainty

14 July 2020 Steve Grace - CEO / Founder - The Nudge Group

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​There are a huge amount of stresses on us all today, it could be anything from losing our jobs, having the kids back for homeschooling due to an outbreak at the school, paying the bills, keeping our relationships to even getting extremely sick or losing a loved one. 

You would think that all of these would be high on our most stressful situations, most people would most likely list loss of life as their No1. 

It appears not, humans along with other mammals are most stressed out when they are uncertain when they believe they do not know what the future holds.  I have been reading a lot during COVID so let me share some of what I have learned (all be in laymen terms)

When a human (or animal) is stressed we go into our fight or flight mode, it makes us more alert and able to handle things. But it is only effective for relatively short amounts of time, certainly not weeks or even months, it then beings to have a negative effect, we become unable to make good decisions, if any decision and ultimately become ineffective.  This is because back when humans were designed, a prolonged period of stress due to any of the above situations did not exist, it was simply, eat, sleep, hunt and do not get eaten. Studies have shown that when a human knows how a situation is going to play out not in a favourable way they are of course stressed. But if you take that same human and tell them the future is completely uncertain their stress levels skyrocket. 

Why am I telling you this
I am telling you this because stress levels are high as everyone is talking about uncertain times, this can be terrible for our health and decision making, the reality is we never know what is going to happen, every minute of every day could bring countless situations, but when we have a routine we have an illusion of certainty and this brings down our stress levels.

Create a routine
There are a lot of things you can do right now, one of those things is that If you are feeling the stress of our current global situation, create more routine in your life, give yourself as many predictable daily habits as you can, this long with meditation and other more common wellness treatments will bring your stress levels under control so you can perform at your peak.

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